Saturday, January 25, 2014

What I eat in a day

Namaste Beautiful Yogis,

I am continuing with "What I eat in a day" blogs once a week :)
If I continue the date & banana and veggies & dip trend it might get boring and redundant, but I do go through phases :) And then I move on. 
For example last summer I went through a broccoli phase. Couldn't get enough broccoli. Now the love affair with broccoli is over and i have moved on to bigger and better relationships haha
This week was all about tomato dip.... just tastes divine.
So yesterday's breakfast was late. I had tea in the morning and got caught up working so didn't get to eat till 2pm. 
Here's my morning tea "ceremony".

The republic of Tea milk oolong. If you want to try Oolong tea I would say get a different one. This is my least favorite of the Milk Oolong varieties I have tried so far.

I got caught up in work so next thing I know it's 2 o'clock. I had some hojicha tea (I am on a  rare tea kick which passes quickly- usually I have a lot of herbal teas) with dates and shared a few bananas with Sofie (she wanted her cut for protecting me 24/7)
Then some more work. And a raw cacao herbal drink with shilajit, dandelion root, chipotle/cayenne, slippery elm, peppermint, hazelnut, coconut milk.

An hour later I had a ton of dates with cacao cayenne tea. This drink was amazing. Not sure what made it so delicious. Maybe the dates.

Then it was time for Sofie's walk. She practically kicked me out of the house with her leash in her mouth. She figured she's been patient long enough. Beautiful flowering tree in my neighborhood on the walk. 
Any guesses what the name of the tree is?

My whole neighborhood smells like Orange Blossom - heavenly aroma reminiscent Jasmine flowers in May.

Embarrassing but a fact- I had more tea after that- Organic india Tulsi Vanilla Cream and saffron. IMO vanilla and tulsi do not go together. 

After the walk I shot the next challenge which I will upload later. Then I went shopping for food and came home and worked out for only 10 minutes but at a high intensity. 

Dinner time! Woohooo
The secret to eating vegan, 80/10/10 , Raw or High in fruits and Veggies diet is Dips and Salad dressings. They taste divine. You can prepare amazing high in anti-oxidants concoctions with healing spices and herbs and that way you can get all your healing herbs in, plus your raw veggies. I eat a lot of raw veggies. Big portions. I had a few refills of what you see below:
Raw cabbage with tomato pumpkin hummus almond dip.  Summer savory, chipotle, sage added. Over the cabbage I sprinkled some designer mexican chile and some kelp. (I had it in my cupboard- you can sprinkle anything on it really) 

I also played with creating some pineapple, tomato, pepper salsa-dip. Refreshing!

I also experimented with some saffron pumpkin dip. Turned out tasting like an ethnic amazing dessert that you may find in a small shop in a strange country while traveling the world.  :) This is a pumpkin, cinnamon, mesquite powder, saffron, tofu dip. It's sweet, but if you add onions and chile to it it's sweet and savory ;) (this is either gross or divine depending on interpretation) it's like durian recreated.
 I love the color!

After dinner I had some organic lolly pops (do not recommend you do that haha)  They are so flavorful so I had to try them. Just FYI last time I had pops was 2 years ago so it's not a regular part of my diet. Those ones 2 years ago were mango chipotle- I had to have them. The reason I put chipotle on everything is because it's freaking DELICIOUS. I learned that from a mexican farmer probably 8  years ago. I was in a Vegas orchard picking fruit- apricots, figs, pecans, peaches, nectarines, etc. And he saw me holding apricots and asked me if I knew how to eat them. Silly farmer! of course I know how to eat fruit- I eat it off the tree haha....
OK not the answer he was looking for- you open it in 2 halves, remove the stone and sprinkle some salt, chipotle and lime on it. And then it's ready to eat (tastes amazing on watermelon and mango- even cilantro and black pepper can go on top)  :D I skip the salt now but chipotle goes in everything nowadays. 

On a side note, in the evening I wanted to make some anklets and bracelets. I have never been into crafts before, NEVER; but I had these beautiful beads laying around and wanted to make bracelets. However, I realized that I had to order elastic string for it in order to complete my jewelry-making skills out. 

Beautiful Beads- semi precious stones. Two colors of turquoise, rose quarts, garnets, etc.

Thats all my foods and activities for the day :)

These is probably around 1700 calories at around 80/10/10 ratio (carbs to fat to protein percentage from calories)

Love and Light 


  1. Can you please recommend some books on nutrition/herbs etc. that you have learned from? All this seems very interesting and would love to find out more! There is just so much information out there.

    1. I found Paul Pitchford's "Healing with Whole Foods" to be an excellent intro in chinese medicine and healing- it explains the energetics of foods. As far as western herbology goes - get an herbal handbook and just start introducing yourself to the basics. Love

    2. Thank you kindly! :)

  2. Amazing teas! Please share with the recipe of cacao cayenne tea :)

    1. Marta I am pretty sure it was just some rich cacao and cayenne powder without a sweetener but i had it with the dates. really simple.

  3. Love it, Ali! Such inspiration! I have been incorporating 811 a lot in my diet this past month (except dinner, I still like to incorporate wild caught fish some days of the week). But already feeling wonderful! Perhaps one day will go fully 811. :) ps - such pretty beads indeed!

    1. Ann that is great. just adding some more veggies and fruits can be of tremendous benefit :) <3

  4. I would have responded sooner...but it seems I had to run to the kitchen for cocoa with chipotle...dang good Ali! I love pumpkin anything!!! are you using it grated raw or steamed? I want to try the gross or divine pumpkin dish...the ingredients were working for me I think...Yum. I saw kaboshas in the store the other day. I think they are a bit milder than pumpkin...interchangeable??? Do you use vinegar?.. or do you avoid fermentation? Sophie looked like she was about ready to rough you up for the banana!!! Thanks for sharing all of the great menu ideas (I can't handle vanilla herb tea in any combo). Your candor about the lollys made me laugh...once in a while is probably good for from the kitchen. xoxoxo, Laura

    1. lol. Laura I think cussing is burning extra calories and we might be onto something- the next fitness revolution here we come :P Kabocha is my favorite. Probably top 5 favorite foods. :) THE YUMMIEST EVER!!! But for this recipe anything works.the kabocha will give it a green hinge because of the skin which i do eat. carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin, coconut/almond milk and spices and there you go. get crazy in the kitchen and let me know what you come up with. haha Sofie uses the power of "staring" and "heavy breathing" to get what she wants. It's like silent mind control techniques haha. i do use vinegar. I have been having certain thoughts on fermentation in the ayurvedic perspective but here and there some raw apple cider vinegar or not raw balsamic (i have some italian decadence now) is totally OK...yeah? the lollies had to be documented for the sake of honesty. although i am not promoting that :D

    2. Brilliant!!! Down dog, straight right leg completely up, to the right, hold, sh#t, cr&p, Free choice on the exhale, release, F%^k...good job...Wow...the would be amazing. We might have to get you a Lone Ranger mask though. Me too on the is so creamy and mildly nutty and sweet. It do eat the peel too...COCONUT MILK...fabulous. I just copied this recipe...definitely my cup of tea...In seriousness...Sharing and discussing the recipes and diet practices is REALLY helpful and motivating. Fruit and Veg variety is so beneficial to one's health. Sometimes, because of the prep can fall into the habit of pulling out a bag of carrots and dipping them in peanut butter...good for you but, not 3 times a day for two weeks (really lazy) ...Sophie's power methods should probably be integrated into the whole new "fitness revolution"...we know how effective heavy breathing and staring can be...HA! (sorry...really, I am...I tend to be a blurter). I think you are honest and brave (re: the lollys)...It is good to share that because some people feel like they have failed with a "unauthorized" treat... It is obvious that so many people are drawing inspiration from you. Seeing you be human is a lovely thing Ali. Your beads are so pretty. I love turquoise. The lollys has been eaten and we are all back to abstaining (hopefully) from the lollys for a while. :( xoxox, another beautiful day!

    3. yes, yes sharing recipes can be very healthy :D we bounce inspiration far as staring-breathing- I may try that technique - see if it works :)

  5. Hi Ali!!

    Huge fan of yours here :) I do your yoga routines at least every other day and they have changed my outlook on fitness, working out, body acceptance, and sprituality. I admire your healthy diet and would love to try out a vegan lifestyle for a bit but it would be such a drastic change for me! I was just wondering where your primary sources of protein come from? I think getting enough protein would be my main concern going vegan, because I live a very active lifestyle and love to workout. I don't want my body to suffer due to my lack of vegan diet knowledge!


    PS If you ever come to the east coast, please teach a class in the NY/NJ area! I would love to practice in person with you and I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one. Or perhaps you could just open up a studio here :)

    1. Michelle actually what matters more is the overall amino acid profile of your diet. As long as you eat a wide range of whole foods there is no need to worry about protein. Maybe just start with 2 vegan meals a day or 5 vegan days a week and take it from there. See how you feel. Try to learn a few recipes, etc. The biggest mistake when going vegan is eating refined foods. Really that's never healthy whether you are vegan or not. In general if I eat veggies and fruits and i get my calories daily I know i ma getting enough protein. Another thing that's not widely known is that a high in protein diets are very damaging to the kidneys, they are usually acidic and overall not health-promoting. Hope that helps <3

    2. Thanks for your response!! I'm so interested in giving it a try that I've requested a ton of vegan informational books from the library :) I can't wait to be more informed. What were some of the biggest physical changes that you noticed once you became 100% vegan? I've suffered from acne and KP (the little red bumps on the upper arms) for most of my life and am hoping this lifestyle would help! From your videos, your skin looks flawless and I'm sure your diet helps with that!!