Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Interview with Zen Master Osho Watanabe

Namaste Beautiful Yogis, 

I had a total blast doing this interview. Zen Master Osho Watanabe is so welcoming, kind, present and lovely that being in his presence really uplifts you! We talked about basic buddhism, zen buddhism, zazen meditation, Love, God, Jesus Christ, Buddha, the origin of Buddhism, Hindu Gods, life, death, karma, reincarnation, Shiva, non sectarian Buddhism, his opinion on UFOs, psychedelic drugs, a vegan diet, non violence, and so much more. 
You can read more about Osho on his website http://www.zenyoga.org/about_osho.html
We laughed and kept things deep yet light just the way Zen can be. I love the simplicity that a zen perspective can bring into things. 
For more on his philosophy, ideas and contemplations this is Osho's blog http://zenyogaorientalphilosophy.blogspot.com/

You can watch the Interview here: 
After the interview he showed me his Photography. He is an excellent photographer and musician. 

 Then we talked about sumo wrestling in Japan and bulgarian sumo wrestlers getting very popular there :)
I got some amazing gifts and oils from his shop. The monks and him make their own incense in the temple, all handmade and that's part of their karma yoga. 

 You can get his framed photography and incese and oils at his gift shop http://www.zenyoga.org/gift_shop.html
I am a total sucker for anything sandalwood, amber, vanilla, coconut and the "Special Sandalwood" is exactly that. Musky sweet resin-like bengal and mysore sandalwood, vanilla, amber, rose, coconut. 


There was so much wisdom spoken off camera that I am eager to go back and do a few follow up interviews. His non dogmatic, simple, wise, grounded approach to things is truly a rare gem.

I am off to do yoga now :)




  1. Thank you so much! Very inspiring :)

  2. You must have variation in your yoga workouts schedule. Select exercises from various sources or invest in a program that offers a lot of variety, both in exercises and also in nutrition.

  3. Hi Ali. I noticed that in your interview you wore a tank top (uncovered shoulders) isn't that regarded as disrespectful especially in Buddhist culture? I'm asking because I lived in a Buddhist country before with the Buddhist religion making up 99% of the population.

    1. My personal most important message is to work in line with female empowerment. Most religions nowadays are male dominated and you can imagine where i stand on that. Hope that gives you an idea