Sunday, January 19, 2014

What I ate Wednesday

What I eat on a daily or weekly basis is a question I get all the time. 
It's hard for me to photograph everything I eat because I tend to be random. Here is a day of food I was able to capture in photos. :)
I don't claim to be a nutritionist.  I am not telling anyone to do what I do. I have been vegetarian for almost 20 years. Since I have been a devoted yoga practitioners, I have been very in tune with how I feel. I am very aware of how my energy level is and how my mental clarity is. I do what makes me feel great. If I can breathe deeply during my practice, if my heart is open, and light; my mind is clear and positive and my energy through the roof, then I know I am eating well.
I am always changing my diet up. No 2 days look alike. Seasonally I change my diet quite a bit as well. Right now I am doing 80 10 10 diet, mostly raw. I always come back to it. Even if I go higher fat when I travel eventually I get back to 80 10 10. Have been doing it for almost 10 years. It's especially healing for certain conditions.
OK onto my grubs :)
Breakfast: I was indulgent - freshly roasted coffee (I buy single origin honey processed green beans  and roast them myself-very bohemian haha), silky oolong tea.(both not 80 10 10 approved, but I am a rebel haha)  I keep rebrewing it all day. I learned that at my herbal school during a tea ceremony in Ben Lomond, California. The more I re-bew it when it's a high quality tea, the more calming the effect is. Silk Oolong also known as "milk oolong" named for it's milky flavor achieved through a special process of fermentation. It's a delicious energizing drink reminiscent of milk and toffee with a silky texture. 
I had some cacao butter, honey (not vegan obviously), herbs (slippery elm, rose hip powder, etc) cacao power  herbal mix to go with the tea. I am constantly working on healing herbal concoctions, super herbs, superfood mixes, etc. So this was a jar I had from some herbal healing recipe I was working on previously. 

I hardly ever eat breakfast. Since childhood. Around noon as I was working on a class I  had a handful of dates with my tea. :P
These are dry black abada dates. 

A few hours later another handful or two of dates. 

An hour later a couple of ripe bananas. 

Water and tea through the day.
I didn't workout that day. So generally this makes for  a lighter food day. 
I got hungry in the late afternoon so I had frozen sapote, bananas, cherymoyas and peaches with almond milk, mesquite power (adds sweet caramel, vanilla flavor), a huge scoop of cacao power, stevia and chipotle. All mixed up. Tastes like a decadent chocolate fruit caramel ice cream. I had a big bowl of that heaven. This photo is before the cacao powder. I add a cup of almond or coconut milk and chop it all up. 

Then I took Sofie for a 2 mile walk. 
And after that had dinner. 

A huge serving of raw veggies - romaine lettuce, fennel. I had some more than what's in the photo. And a dip made out of raw carrots, frozen peas, cilantro, tomatoes, almond milk, chipotle, white pepper, onion, garlic, masala, orange juice, balsamic vinegar  etc. 

In the evening I had some ginger candies.  
I had around 1300 calories that day which is somewhat low for 80 10 10 but I didn't workout that day and the following day my energy was very strong so it was perfectly enough food for this gal :)



  1. sorry ali but what is 80 10 10? i know it's percentage of what you eat, im guessing 80 is for plant based food, so what is 10 10?

    1. yes percentage - 80% of calories from carbs 10 and 10 protein and fat :) so rice - is in :)

    2. thanks ali. i've been busy lately i almost forgot about this question of mine. :-)

  2. Hi Ali! This is so helpful :) And what's your opinion about dairy?

    Personally I try to avoid it, because it's inflammatory and difficult to digest. I feel much better and have more energy :)

    Send love to You! :)

    1. yes most dairy is very inflammatory. i am speaking especially about dairy from holstein cows, fed grain. i agree with with you- avoiding dairy improves digestion and energy levels for most :D

  3. Ali, Are you choosing a lot of fruit out of preference, or is there an added health benefit to it? Does it keep one feeling full longer? I tend to prefer crunchy vegetables but am hungry most of the time really . I drink tea and such to feel a little less hungry. What do you think? xoxoxo, Laura

    1. Laura, yes. My understanding is that humans evolved from frugivores. we are naturally attracted to the smell, look, sweetness and availability of fruit. Fruit is the easiest to source, pick, digest, etc and it's very anti-inflammatory. high in good carbs -so there are no cravings basically. if you get enough calories from fruit you get no cravings. fruit is also very healing. i will write about it. i am realizing that how i eat makes no sense in a society where protein is talked about all over the media. :)

  4. I'm always fascinated to know what people are eating~ I hope you do a post like this every Wednesday! And speaking of fruit, I also eat a lot of it. I just got a juice machine which i am loving, but Ive heard that you have to watch out for all of the added sugar from the fruit in raw juice. And here I thought I was doing something good for my body. What are your thoughts on natural sugars/ juicing?

    1. glad you enjoy the post. i will be uploading once a week a day of food. :) yes, you've heard right :0 its best to juice veggies and green leafy vegetables and eat fruit whole. fruit is delish anyways. for your juices use a base of celery or cucumber and lemon. they are usually real tasty that way. fruit is healthier in its whole form. <3