Friday, January 17, 2014

Quote OSHO Life Soul Journey

"Hence my insistence not to renounce the world. Be in it, take its challenge, accept its dangers, its hurts, wounds. Go through it. Don't avoid it, don't try to find a shortcut because there is none. It is a struggle, it is arduous, it is an uphill task, but that is how one reaches the peak. And the joy will be more, far more than if you were dropped on the peak by a helicopter, because then you will have reached there ungrown; you will not be able to enjoy it. Just think of the difference. You try hard to reach Everest. It is so dangerous--every possibility of dying on the way, ever possibility of never reaching the peak; hazardous, dangerous. Death is waiting for you at each step, so many traps and so many possibilities there is only one possibility you may reach. But the closer you come to the peak, the higher the joy rises in you. Your spirit soars high. You earn it, it is not free. And the more you have paid for it, the more you will enjoy it. Then imagine--you can be dropped from a helicopter on the top. You will stand on the top and you will just look silly, stupid--what are you doing here? Within five minutes you will be finished, you will say, 'so I have seen it! There is nothing much here!' The journey creates the goal. the goal is not sitting there at the end of the journey, the journey creates each step. The journey is the goal. the journey and the goal are not separate, they are not two things. The end and the means are not two things. The end is spread over all the way; all the means contain the end in them. So never miss any opportunity of living, of being alive, of being responsible, of being committed, of getting involved. Don't be a coward. Face life, encounter it. And then slowly, slowly something inside you will crystallize. Yes, it takes time. But one has to earn it. Let me repeat it: in life you cannot get anything free. And if you do get it, it is useless. You have to pay, and the more you pay for it the more you will get out of it. If you can risk your whole life in love, great will be your attainment. Love will send you back to yourself; it will give you a few reflections of meditation. The first glimpses of meditation happen in love. And then a great desire arises in you to attain to those glimpses, not only as glimpses but as states, so that you can live in those states forever and forever. Love gives you the taste of meditation. A loving, orgasmic experience is the first experience of samadhi, of ecstasy. It will make you more thirsty. Now you will know what is possible and now you cannot be satisfied with the mundane. The sacred has penetrated you, the sacred has reached your heart. God has touched your heart, you have felt that touch. Now you would like to live in that moment forever, you would like that moment to become your whole life. It does become your whole life. It does become--and unless it becomes, we remain discontented. Love on the one hand will give you great joy and on the other hand will give you a thirst for eternal joy." - Osho (From the book called Maturity: The Responsibility of Being Oneself). This passage spoke deeply and directly to my heart & soul.

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