Friday, January 17, 2014

Salsa Dressing Dip Recipe

A few of you have been asking me for recipes, meal ideas, daily food menus etc. Here is a random dinner recipe. I am a very simple cook. I enjoy simple fresh foods and sometimes the less complicated the recipe the better it tastes for me. So most of the things I will post will be 5 minute recipes :)

This is a very simple recipe - salsa dip or dressing.
I was busy all day today and didn't have time to go shopping for food so dinner time comes and the fridge is empty. I had tomatoes, a few carrots, frozen veggies and kale. I have already gotten my calories from  a ton of sapote fruit, cherimoyas and bananas today so dinner was light. 
I made this ultra easy simple salsa dressing for my kale and steamed veggies. 
Ingredients for the Salsa Dressing/Dip
White Pepper (Black will work)
Chipotle (Hot pepper would be fine)
A tbsp of Summer Savory (basil will be good)
On top I sprinkles lovage (basically a form of dried celery.  You  can substitute it for parsley, basil, cilantro)
Some almond milk (not sure if it's necessary but it added some creaminess) (Tahini would be great)
Balsamic Vinegar 

I would have added celery and a couple of dates, bell peppers and avocados... even fresh corn if I had any but my fridge was literally empty (this rarely happens around here)  :)

Blend and Serve 

Some hot sauce and mustard can be added.

I avoid adding salt and fat to my foods so there was some in the hot sauce and I left it at that. My taste buds seem to get used to low sodium meals quickly :) 
I also keep my fats at around 5-15% of my total calorie intake so I keep things relatively low in fats and high in carbs :) 

I loved the salsa and will definitely be making it again :)

Bon Appetit 

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