Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Belly Fat and Joint Pain

Ligaments, Joints,  Arthritis, Estrogen Dominance and Weight Loss


Not a week goes by without me getting the question about Belly Fat, Lower Belly fat and what to do to lose that resistant lower belly pocket of fat.

I am going to write a series of herbal and food- as-medicine blogs in order to bring attention to the powerful medicines found in Nature. i will share some of my personal studies, experiences, research done in the field of herbalism, health and healing.

Today I am gonna bring attention to one aspect and one possible cause for belly fat.

Lower Belly Fat is often found in Estrogen dominant females and males.

Other symptoms of estrogen dominance are:

weight gain on thighs and hips
decreased sex drive
breast tenderness
water retention, edema
mood swings
certain cancers
and many more symptoms

Why is Estrogen Dominance so prevalent in our society? Well, we are all getting exposed to a lot more xynoestrogens (synthetic or chemical compounds that mimic estrogen in the body) today than ever before.
We are all exposed to high levels of toxins in our air, in our water and in our food supply.


Plastic containers (BPA)
Air fresheners (A NO NO)
Dryer Sheets
Perfumes (fragrance  in ingredients lists)
Food Preservatives
Cleaning Products
Birth Pills
The list goes on and on...

What can you do about this?
First decrease your exposure to toxins. EDUCATE YOURSELF AND MAKE EDUCATED DECISIONS AND CHOICES. (for example get rid of air fresheners and buy only organic cosmetics)

Detox your system! Make sure to detox your liver, skin, kidneys and get the lymph moving.

Add a lot of fresh foods and healing herbs to your diet.

Specific herbs that are great for blocking, inhibiting, transforming estrogen in the liver and in the body are:

What is even more amazing is that broccoli contains a substance (in the raw form) that is being researched and used for deterioration in joints. It can prevent ostheoarthritis and joint inflammation. (The study, published in the journal Arthritis and Rheumatism, found that sulforaphane blocks the enzymes that cause joint destruction.
In a clinical study, indole-3-carbinol cut the largely female hormone estradiol in half for men. Broccoli contains high levels of indoles, food compounds that help reduce bad estrogen.)
Broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts contain indole-3 acetate, indole-3 carbonyl and diindolylmethane - these are powerful substances that detoxify bad estrogenic molecules. The cruciferous veggies also contain sulfur containing nutrients such as sulfuraphane and phenyl isothiocyanates that can help with liver detoxification processes and destroy cancer cell formation.

Broccoli is also great for your lungs.
Cabbage is natural anti-inflammatory for aching joints
Cabbage looks like a head so its great for your brain (doctrine of signatures). Like cures like. Cabbage has been known as a hangover cure in Europe :)
Broccoli is also rich in lutein which is great for the eyes.
The list of benefits goes on and on. 

Learn some simple recipes that incorporate these veggies and add them to your diet on a regular basis. You will see your lower belly fat go down.

Add chamomile to your tea repertoire (I will make a video recipe on that).

Add passionflower tea to your healing herb stash. Passionflower tea is great for anxiety, insomnia and stress, but get this... it's amazing for boosting the production of testosterone! 

Add nettles to your recipes. They are known to increase the free testosterone in the body. Bodybuilders use them with great success! Great for removing estrogen dominant fat storage. 

There you have it :) Simple and powerful medicines found in Nature. You don't need expensive pills and packaged products. Believe me! You don't! The most natural approach is always the most powerful! 



  1. Love that you are incorporating science and research based information into your nutrition posts! It's fascinating.

    1. i hope its informative. love :P

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  2. Thank you for this and all your wonderful teachings!

  3. Hey Ali...How great is it to read an article on health and discover you are already doing everything on the good list!!! Dang, that doesn't happen too often. I felt like making a list of all of the foods and herbs listed just for the satisfaction of CHECKING THEM OFF! HA! Raw Broccoli (and lots of it) CHECK, Cabbage (tons of it) check, etc. Thanks for a concise and clear article Ali. An excellent job. xoxo, Laura

    1. haha Laura! You are the BOMB! I would be surprised if you didn't do the healthy things. Keep on crunching the cabbage :P crunch crunch

  4. ali this is a great article. i hope someday i can make a complete switch to healthy, organic diet. unfortunately in the Philippines organic veggies and fruits are rare and if ever you find some, it's so expensive! even non-organic produce is expensive. it's so ironic because we are an agriculture-based economy.

  5. Nice article Ali. And thanks for sharing it.

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  8. Thanks for your posting.
    Your blogs and videos always make me clean!
    I have some questions.
    I have a heavy mense period, so I do yoga steadily. It makes my body relax but controling emotion is hard. I wonder your advice.
    And I eat boiled broccolis. The nutrition of raw broccoli is better or not? and how can I clean the agricultural chemicals on vegetables perfectly?
    Thanks and love! Have peaceful days~:>

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