Sunday, July 21, 2013

The moment of enlightenment! Becoming a really free human being!

“I'm simply saying that there is a way to be sane. I'm saying that you can 
get rid of all this insanity created by the past in you. Just by being a simple 
witness of your thought processes. 

It is simply sitting silently, witnessing the thoughts, passing before you. 
Just witnessing, not interfering not even judging, because the moment you 
judge you have lost the pure witness. The moment you say “this is good, this 
is bad,” you have already jumped onto the thought process. 

It takes a little time to create a gap between the witness and the mind. Once 
the gap is there, you are in for a great suprise, that you are not the mind, that 
you are the witness, A watcher. 

And this process of watching is the very alchemy of real religion. Because as 
you become more and more deeply rooted in witnessing, thoughts start 
disappearing. You are, but the mind is utterly empty.

That’s the moment of enlightenment. That is the moment that you become for 
the first time an unconditioned, sane, really free human being.” 

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