Thursday, July 10, 2014

Melon Seed Milk Recipe Vegan Non Dairy

Dairy Alternative 
Dairy free
Gluten Free 

Supports the health of the Kidneys, Bladder, the entire urinary system, skin, heart.

Great for removing toxins from the urinary tract, edema. They lower the blood pressure.  Considered a skin healer.

This is a seriously yummy milk alternative. Very flavorful, aromatic, thick, frothy and creamy :)

Actually it's the best "nut milk" I have had. 

All you need is the seeds and actually the entire guts of a melon with the few tbsp of juice that tends to collect there. I used a new to me variety - LEMONDROP MELON. Any melon would work but some will make a yummier milk than others. The lemon drop melon gave it a tangy yummy flavor. 


The seeds and the fleshy parts that surrounds the seeds of one medium melon
2 cups of water (you can adjust the amount of water depending on the size of the melon and the desired thickness)
Blend the ingredients, soak, blend again. 
I blended it a few times waiting in between; essentially soaking it. Best to use a high power blender. I ma using an industrial Blendtec that micronizes everything. 
You can manage with a regular blender. Just soak and blend a few times. Basically while eating the melon and doing other things keep re-blending it 2-4 times.  Strain! Serve as is. It is mildly sweet because of the melon flesh. 
It separates in the fridge so best used immediately. I will experiment with guar gum just to see if i can get it to remind of a store bought nut milk. 

Above Sofie Yawning- she was deep asleep but seeing the camera makes her feel obligated to hurry up and participate.  

It came out thick and frothy and very much reminiscent of fresh sheeps or goats milk.
Melon seeds are very good for your kidneys. They are rich in proteins, Omega 3 fats (alpha-linolenic acid), vitamin E, C, A; zinc, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium, folic acid, calcium.



  1. Ali, I have used guar and xanthan gums before but sometimes the cause bloating and stomach distress. Have you experienced this and can it be avoided

  2. Thanks for this recipe Ali...I'm going to try it tomorrow. I love being able to use the whole melon without wasting...I can't wait to try it! xxox :P Laura

  3. Thanks for sharing with us the wonderful blog on melon seed milk recipe it is really to good to see . I really going to try this.

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  5. Can I give it to my 6year old too. I guess!.

  6. Can I give it to my 6year old too. I guess!.

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